Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday begins with a bus ride

Massive organisation; between 8.15 and 8.30 buses leave from three points close to matsumoto station. These are organized and paid for by TERI, and run to three different desinations for morning classes. During lunch some students will board buses and change venues for afternoon group class.

Last night BJ and I went out for a drink and happened upon a couple of Japanese Suzuki teachers. One was at the World convention and very complimentary about the Melbournian level of ability. He teaches in Tokyo and his daughter (who was our translator yesterday) is coming to Australia later this year. BJ and I both wrote down addresses and promised winery tours and hot springs :)
We would have promised beaches, but august-sept generally isn't the best time for enjoying them!

We just drove past restaurant skylark gusto. Hmmmm.
Housing is absolutely bizarre, big old places patchworked together next to apartment blocks next to seben erebuen next to shacks surrounded by jungle.
I think we've arrived!


Linda McIver said...

It would be fascinating to see a potted description of the plan and purpose of this conference - I love your descriptions, but I find I don't really know what's going on overall. Have all the teachers brought their students with them? Are you being taught yourself? Assume I am stunningly ignorant, and enlighten me! Although it may need to wait until you are home. Seems like you've got a lot to blog about already! :-)

omchelsea said...

Well, Ive started....!