Thursday, August 6, 2009

So where am I anyway?

In answer to Linda: This thing in Matsumoto is a Suzuki Summer School run by the Talent Education Research Institute (Japan). It's a conference over four days for Suzuki teachers and students.

Day 1:- Opening Concert: All students perform.
This takes place in the Nagano Prefectural Gymnasium, which we use every day for group lesson.

Ok, so the photos are a total hack job, but I think you get the idea. I was trying for a panorama shot! These are the Aussie kids (E. who I taught at the World Convention in April is making a peace sign. He lives in Hong Kong.)

So, after e listen to the Suzuki faculty orchestra, and EVERYONE plays about five pieces together (everyone: flutes, cellos, violin, viola, piano teachers' choir) and various people welcome us to Matsumoto, we split up for group lesson.

SO the cellos go somewhere, the flutes go somewhere else... basically, we divide children by instrument and send them to different venues. Group lesson means that all students regardless of age and ability play together.

Here the violins have group lesson in the Prefectural gym hall (like a stadium used for basketball, etc.); the children play on the gym floor, the parents are seated upstairs in the stadium seats (bleachers!).

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