Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Opening concert marvellous.
Ensembles beautiful and soloist absolutely stunning. She finished up concert with a boisterous, wandering czardas. . . Which we ALL know to be a crowd-pleaser! Plans are afoot to visit the castle tomorrow after group lesson ( the format is rather different here; EVERYONE has tutorials in the morning and group lesson en masse after lunch) making me glad I did it yesterday.

As BJ and i discussed en route to the bus after the debacle of waiting for people and general fussing about, Australians and committees don't work very well. My hypothesis: that living relatively spread out we tend to do what's best for the individual with little thought; we feel that our actions don't directly impact others so often act accordingly.

Of course, sheer population density in (predominantly) Asian countries means the exact opposite; perhaps my suzuki experience prepared me for ashram life!
I guess I'm taking the long way of saying that it's much easier to understand suzuki's philosophy and it's origins in context.

Lucky it just took another aquarian (5 years and 5 days older) to kickstart my philosophical musing :)

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