Friday, August 7, 2009

Sake and chivalry are a dangerous mix

The danger of dining out with a Japanese family: each and every member of the family is so attentive to your comfort that your sake cup is refilled after every mouthful. Well, that's what it felt like! And you try counting mouthfuls while following conversation in Japanese. Go on, I dare you!

Really, for 'straines we were very well behaved and it will be a pleasure to entertain this family when we see them in Australia. And (can't quite believe it) am distinctly lacking in hangover this morning :) happy days!

A little girl called me kawaii this morning (cute) and hen said something about manga. Given my black dress for Farewell Concert today, I hope she wasn't saying I look like a manga supervillain.

Some high schools must start back today- oh yes, he bus has just stopped outside the gates of one! Uniforms are pristine but there seems to be a trend for girls to wear the straps of their knapsack so long it's dangling around their knees! Must be their quiet rebellion against knee socks and those pressed white shirts.

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