Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday. . . Only 28* at 8.30am

Great concert yesterday and then a little recreational shopping in the afternoon. Foundation garments in japan are a very serious business! Then there was coffee and debriefing before ramen and gyoza.
It's very interesting to get an outsider perspective on the hierarchical structure and factionalism that has taken over Australian Suzuki.

So much teacher time gets gobbled up in administration and negotiation... And unfortunately the only real way to change the workings of the assoc is from within, risking all sorts of bitterness and resentment building up. Ok. How about I stop whinging now?!

I am very taken with this apprenticeship model of teaching. This book 3 class has had an hour of work with their less advanced teacher and has just traded across. In about ten minutes the children are being actively engaged. Everything is taken back to first principles and absolute basics so real skill is developed.

Talking is direct and directional rather than explanatory, and focus much better as a result. Less new, more review. ..takes enormous amounts of teacher confidence. From the adult perspective we think "Oh, they must be getting bored, I'd better move on to something new!"

Right. They ARE bored, because with insufficient time to master the skill they can't do it so stop trying and disengage. Unfortunately it seems that classrooms are excellent environments for fostering this withdrawal.

What's the point in practicing if you don't get any better?

Wow. This didn't turn into a rant AT ALL.

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