Monday, August 3, 2009

REAL sleep, please.

So I checked into my hotel after a free taxi ride when I got a little bit over it all at about 5 am. (Remember that overnight train thing? Well, I left Shinjitsu at 11.59 and rocked up at Matsumoto at 4.30. My neck will never be the same again.)

The driver was incredibly nice and it would have been quite easy (theoretically) for me to walk to my hotel if I had (a) a sense of direction and (b) understood Japanese directions. I didn't, he drove, it took 2 minutes and many ARIGATOU gozaimus and then I was freed to the arduous process that was checking in.

I have a lovely room (pics later) and today plan to visit Matsumoto's castle, sometimes called Crow Castle (all black and white). May also be able to get a bike from the museum, which would speed up my sightseeing a little! Thank goodness for free internet access in the lobby :)
Have already skyped husband (I'm such a techie;) ) and eaten the full Japanese breakfast pictured above. Rice, miso, juice, coffee and some potatoey thing which was like breakfast dessert. And to the castle!


Anonymous said...

That breakfast looks devine :0)

omchelsea said...

Oh, it was really good. And I didn't need to eat again till about 2pm! Just don't think I'd have the patience for diy prep once home again. And thanks for commenting! :)