Sunday, April 4, 2010

Tripod. Love.

Melbourne Symphony musicians, take note: professional development component 101 is here!

Yes, located in the upstairs theatre of Melbourne's own Forum, you must catch Tripod's latest creative fury.

Not only will you learn the beauty of developing individual characterisation, but the importance of audience rapport. Your ensemble skills may also benefit from observing these four musicians watch, listen, and work WITH one another, while multi-tasking (yes, this is for those who whine about page-turning and the fine art of pizzicato WITH bow in hand) gains a new dimension; try shadow puppetry while maintaining four-part harmony. Yeah. A GOOD four-part harmony.

Elana Stone is a dream in a red dress; we bought her album your anniversary and I will be grabbing In the Garden of Wild Things when I finish this blog post. Just go and do it, especially if you're a fellow Australian. And if you're not, take note: we have the COOL people, y'all.