Thursday, July 22, 2010

I hate doctors.

I fell off the blogwagon.

Something about the concert post and how horribly it all went (the invasion more so than the actual concert) and my violent physical reaction to writing that post. Then it was school holidays, time to get my craft on and agonise over the quagmire that was our backyard (let me just stop here to thank my father for all his handyman wonderfulness).

Then I ran away to the ashram (Note: ran TO the ashram, because there is no running away from ANYTHING at the ashram) and that will take me another month to process. Or at least another bout of cathartic sickness, which seems to be what I'm currently enduring. Somewhere in there a baby was born (obviously not to me), a friend had a birthday, my husband cooked many dinners and term three began. Good grief.

Posting will return to normal. Just not today. Today I have to crawl away and mutter my ranting about incompetent doctors into my millionth cup of tea while I contemplate the horror of teaching tomorrow and getting enough brain cells together to participate meaningfully in a trivia night on Saturday. Yaarfgh.

I will be back. Read that as you will.