Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Back on the bus

Spent the morning at Daichi elementary school observing classes 1-6 (twinkle rhythm through to Handel Bourree).
Pretty cool and funny; the same kind of age range (majority 3-6) in each class. I know there's a certain someone about to fall off her chair with shock horror... They TEAM TEACH in EVERY class.

No less than three teachers, occasionally four. Not because the classes are large (10-15 mostly) but to catch every child quickly when their attention might be wandering or they just need help. Children stay in the same classroom with the same group of teachers all morning and the teachers lead blocks of activity; very much an apprenticeship model.

No sitting on your butt taking notes here!
I would love to know if this "apprentice" teaching time is counted in training the same way we count observation hours. It's not something I've heard discussed before so will observe book 2+ tomorrow with interest to see if it's the same.

After lunch, group lesson in the main gym. This means ALL the violins! It's an hour and a half total but structured so that roughly on the half-hour the lead teacher changes and the lower level children are led upstairs to the stadium's seating and reunited with their parents. Of course, they all stay on and observe! It's amazing to be down on the floor playing, the sound of so many violins in unison is stunning. Lots of playing with upside-down bow again; pivoting across the strings and checking that G bow is perfectly horizontal - and if it isn't or you're not in the right part of the bow, a teacher will quickly materialize from the sidelines to correct!

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