Monday, October 4, 2010

Hello term 4.

Wow. The year's evaporated and there are only ten weeks standing between me and a summer of being broke and filling up my backyard wading pool.

Time to start walking the pug (in her posh new puppia harness, courtesy of a generous friend) and maybe even to changer her collar from a glow-in-the-dark spiky to a flattering floral on black (same friend) which will complement my summer wardrobe... I'm so not that kind of person.

Time to stash a litre of sunblock next to the neutrogena MIRACLE hand-cream which is slowly restoring my cuticles.

Time, perhaps, to start plotting what will occupy my brain when I don't have quite so many classes bouncing around it. (The boy seems to be plugging MTG shamelessly; if I get asked to look at his DECK one more time I'm going to do something else to his... something else. Yes. Fill in the blank. I dare you.)