Friday, September 4, 2009

Oh, such fun!

M husband and my pug have a new game.
He turfs her out the laundry door, closes said door, then runs excitedly through the house to the back door (the one that opens out onto the decking I fell through) and waits for her to realise she can run across the backyard, up the stairs and through THAT door.
By this time she is very excited ("WOW! I just took this awesome trip through a jungle! ANd now here you are again! And I'm back inside! YEEHA!") and he exclaims "Oh, such fun!".
Is anyone else surprised I'm feeling a little left of centred?


Josefine said...

Hey hey!!
Just got the book in the mail yesterday! I was on my way out to catch a tram when I saw it in the mailbox... ah, the excitement! And how gorgeous is your stationary?= I love it! Thank you so so so much... What is weird is that at this very moment on the news they're showing a piece on a guy who slapped a small child that wasn't his in a grocery store... Huh.
Anywho, will begin reading the book today, finished "extremely loud and incredibly close" by Jonathan Saffron Foer yesterday, and that was absolutely beautiful. Have you read it?
Again, thank you, I'll keep you posted on how I go with the book!

omchelsea said...

That's brilliant! I LOVE getting stuff in the mail :) lol our stationery is courtesy of vistaprint and I love it... a firend got it made for me just after we were married.
Haven't read J. Foer's book; have just finished Wally Lamb's "The Hour I first Believed" again. Considering that was nine years in the writing, I'm not holding my breath for another book from him any time soon ;S
I'm interested how you find "The Slap" given your perspective as a non-native Melburnian!

Anonymous said...

Okay, where's my book?

I came in to comment about dogs and stuff but damn it, I want a paperback now!

red-handed said...


omchelsea said...

Matthew: any special requests?
Red-handed: Welcome! Yes, pugs. Very good at comic timing. Sometimes I think I may have married one trapped in a human body.

Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

Very cute!