Wednesday, September 2, 2009

But this word makes it all better:


Pretty good, hey? I just got hit with it as a verification code when commenting (my lovely husband has just gone to great pains to tell me the correct term is CAPTCHA).

I think it should be best defined (we're back onto PANTEASM now, do try to keep up) as the fantastic feeling you get when putting on the perfect jeans. (Or leggings, possibly even pants.). As in "Those jeans are panteasmic!"

Well, it cheered me up. Tell me I'm not completely insane?!


Matthew said...

Panteasm? Party in the pants? Summoning the old jean genie? Loving it - my word verifications are usually so dull....

If you're insane, at least it's going to be fun watching you deteriorate. Some people just point into the corner and talk to people who died in 1920 but not you, it seems!

omchelsea said...

Hell no. I go insane, I'm taking at LEAST a hundred people down the yellow brick road with me. And many of them are children, so the knock-on effects should be statistically significant. I ought to point out that a LOT of the people I randomly come into contact with think I'm insane already for teaching three-year-olds violin.