Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday again...

I find myself at Tripod's last august pod night at trades hall. The difference is that I'm without my husband and with my parents. The gig is good; they have a full house tonight, and I was probably lucky to get a seat. Afterward I make my way over to the cause of my husband's absence: a Magic tournament.

For those of you unfamiliar with such geekery, Magic is a card game most popular with guys. Some of them work in IT, some don't work at all. Some are in high school and some have kids. But they're primarily male and often to be found lurking in card, game and comic stores. Closely related but not limited to the species that fritter their time away playing D&D-like games.

***At this point in time I will briefly acknowledge my own brief (and disasterous) sojourn into the world of role-playing; cast as a unicorn, I displayed incongrously homicidal tendencies and inadvertently maimed/killed several long- term gamers' characters. Not one of my more successful
forays into geekery.***

So, my clever husband has been playing ALL DAY: seven rounds of Swiss, in which he clocked up six victories and a draw, taking him into the top eight.

He went on to win the quarters, semis, and for the last half-hour I've been sitting in the boy-smelling stairwell outside the store waiting for the finals to finish... So, he won 2-1 and is taking the flight to Austin, Texas to play in the next pro-tour.

I am a little tempted to attempt to go too; I'm sure I could find a Suzuki workshop to participate in and we certainly have plenty of people living in Canada due a visit. Anyone want to hire me to run a workshop in Texas?

THEN he said: "The only phones that talk wireless are the ones that do."
I love him, but gee, he says some weird stuff.

We've since returned home to discover the pro-tour dates are mid-October. I think my students would kill me if I took off mid-fourth term... a
Mfter my japan excursion mid-term-three.
Oh well, one day!


Anonymous said...

I think you officially stop being a geek when it lets you fly overseas to compete?

I had a friend who blew a $50k bonus on magic cards. Granted, it was a supposed business venture but even so.....

omchelsea said...

yeah, he's feeling a bit validated now. 50 K??? Was this "I'm starting my own card shop oops I fell over and accidentally opened all these cards?"