Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It sucks when...

You go to school and they've changed the concert rehearsal schedule.
So that the WHOLE school is at the community centre and in rehearsal mode (and not available for violin lessons) until 3pm, instead of being half absent till 11.30, swap over (which would have allowed EVERYONE to have their lesson)....
Don't get me started.
You then look at diary, find the day involving the least people to shunt around, and proceed to shunt.

After approaching the principal, of course, and saying "So, since the rehearsal schedule spontaneously changed and the whole school is now unavailable, I will see three students today. So would you mind terribly if I came down on Monday to make up lessons for the other nine?"

***(This is code for : Thanks for screwing up my day, I have a conscience and feel bad about parents paying for a lesson I am technically able to give them but not because SOMEONE changed the schedule and forgot to tell anyone. OOPS.)

Let me digress for a moment.
I have no free days in my schedule, and these kids live far enough away to make trotting up to my place a MEGA hassle. So, I'm asking my Monday morning babies to come this Friday or the following Tuesday instead of their Monday lesson time. The school has stuffed up my teaching day, so technically I can refer annoyed parents to them, but instead I'd really like the kids to NOT totally miss out on their lesson.

 I've had a lovely day...
(a) realising at 8.30 this morning that my day was going to s%$#@t ,
(b) negotiating a compromise with principal and my schedule,
(c) writing a very apologetic email to parents requiring rescheduling,
(d) informing all today's parents of the change... and
(e) waiting around to teach from 3pm-5.10pm before racing to ballet.
Kill me now.

I realise that this is not a tragedy in any sense of the word, but seriously people, schedules exist for a reason. Don't mess with them. Okay. Pathetic little runty rant off my chest now.

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