Monday, August 31, 2009

Bl$&@dy monday

I love that changing the URL of my blog has lost me all my followers and blogger has forgotten I exist... so sad.

And then my tragedies compound! Ikea, whose flat-packed chest of drawers I helped construct only today, ikea, shrine to the gods of diy and I bought every piece of furniture I have here does it show? Ikea, muse of itinerant uni students and first-time parents and those of us with too much stuff and too little space... Ikea have changed their trademark font. I know, I know.

What I don't know is how best to express my sorrow and outrage. Do they not understand that an entire generation has learned to read by following ikea directions? (hang on, wait up, they're really more like meccano comics)

Ok, that their catalogues are the primary reading material of newly house-bound mothers (and therefore their child's first and formative exposure to the written word)?

You have much more responsibility than you realize, Swedish gods of ubiquitous design. Not only must you provide me with storage solutions and every conceivable item of household goodage, but I demand a clear and legible font nearly but not quite optimally economical. COME ON!


ladytruth said...

It seems like you've been having a tough day :( Don't worry! Tomorrow things might just get back to normal again ;)

Georgie K. Buttons said...

I've never been to Ikea, so I've never read the directions for assemblage. Maybe they have an interpreting program online you could check out. When in doubt, Google!

Linda McIver said...

Why does twitter want me to login every time I visit your new blog?

I have now refollowed you. I have no idea what implications this has, as it doesn't tell me when you post, show me when you move your blog, or in any other way do anything actually useful, except to tell you that I love your blog. Which you already knew. :) But I did it anyway, because I am very obedient...

omchelsea said...

Wow, twitter sux. (she cowers)
thank you! I think it should...tell you when I post but maybe that's only if you use a blogpress client.... or maybe you can rss it. M. does that and keeps telling me too but I cling to some of my quaint, archaic habits as if they're the last cup of coffee remaining on this earth.

Matthew said...

I hope I never have to go to Ikea again. In fact, I'm prepared to pay significant bribes if it will guarantee it.

Oh - my Blogger gives me updates on omchelsea but that blog no longer has any followers. I'm showing as a follower on THIS one, but the blog updates your old one on my dashboard.

Confused? Yeah, me too.