Friday, September 11, 2009


Possibly not the best idea in the world; my cold is getting worse instead of better and tonight has been a night of loud.  Interesting fact: when you blow your nose too hard and too often you can burst blood vessels. THAT's a whole load of disgusting right there, thanks. 
What in the name of all that is weird is kirtan? Essentially it’s a sung meditation in call-and-response style; the kirtanist plays harmonium (or guitar, or whatever) and sings the mantra, the participants sing it back, following tempo and dynamic. In the yogic tradition, the mantras are sung in Sanskrit, but kirtan can be practised in many ways and is a major part of Satyananda philosophy, which holds music and mantra to be a stepping stone to higher consciousness.
We skyped another kirtan group in Darwin tonight; one of ‘our’ teachers moved up there with her family last year and is trying to get a regular kirtan going. She led a kirtan and then R. led a kirtan on our end. Sadly our connection fell out before we were quite done, but c’est la vie. 
Concert tomorrow. I think I'm turning into my mother (this is the crucial moment at which my darling spouse (who is presently reading over my shoulder as I type) should interject with "No, of course you're not!" Hmmm. Doesn't count when you read it off the screen. 
I'm a little stressed about this concert tomorrow. I've had a HEAP of "Sorry!" statements in the last few days and I'm getting a little narky about it. If I kept a grudge book I'd be beginning Volume 2. Easily. 
Ah well, should stay focused on the good. There seem to be a few random people coming (i.e. NOT parents or directly related to students) and a few of our good friends might come along to see what who can do now.... so dinner afterward and some alcoholic therapy.

Oh, and in the name of all things funny (or just another example of the universe's current disregard for little ole me, Extranjera has very politely informed me that google reader and Blogger are pretending this blog doesn't exist.
Since I update every damn day with something approaching OCD, I consider this VERY rude. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE visit and switch your subscription over. 


mysterg said...

I'm back! But still slightly confused as to why your blog is like the invisible woman in my blog list.

f8hasit said...

.... so dinner afterward and some alcoholic therapy.

That's hysterical.
Good luck on the performance!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, you've got your self a new follower.

omchelsea said...

Hi mysteryg: glad you're back. Been a bit quiet...all the time :)
f8hasit: I have a terrible confession: I keep reading your name as "F-eight-hates-it" which I realise makes no sense...which makes me completely intrigued: How would YOU say your user name and why? Oh, and thank you for stopping by! And FOLLOWING! (A self-confessed Douglas Adams nut, 42 followers is just TOO cool).

Matthew said...

I still have troubles linking to your new tome. Dashboard tells me I'm there, then takes me to your old gaff.

You made me bookmark, damn you...

suzukisinger said...

fate - has-it??