Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How can one day last so long?

You know those days that seem to go on, and on, and on and on...endlessly. Just when you think "Hey, this is it! I'm all done!" nope. Reality comes crashing in, boots hobnailed on the outside (you know, the pointy ends of the nails sticking outward, instead of in. Hang on, then wouldn't the boots fall apart? Shut up, logical brain. You're getting in the way of a good decent kinda crappy metaphor.).

Anywho, it's been ONE OF THOSE DAYS. For everyone, it seems. My esteemed colleagues on facebook have lost their mojo, Suzukisinger's fighting a valiant battle against a nearly-two-year-old who's decided daytime sleeps are for chumps, hubs is sounding more like a beached seal and less like an IT boy, and my day has simply drifted on and on and on and on. I feel like the top layer of my skin is missing in action. Just when I thought it was done, the dvds I handed out tonight? May or may not work. Just to be safe, I'm reburning them all.

Even this awesome person who blogs very intelligently about parenting was having an off day. But her blog is the cool. I feel like I get smarter every time I read a post. Visit her.

The high point of my day occurred at 9.50a.m., when E. (4) played the first phrase of Lightly Row with beautiful, independently placed fingers (which I honestly wasn't anticipating for another two weeks). I told his mom so and had the pleasure of seeing her face absolutely light up. They've come to three group lessons in the last three weeks and E. has learned so much from the older kids. It's also a great way to evaluate how far he's come; his ability to focus on a teacher/activity and let distractions go is much higher than at the start of the year - even noticeably different to last term. Very cool to see.

That's where I'm stopping, before I get started complaining again.

No! Another good (and funny thing): (older) siblings in a family asking if they can join in at our Saturday concert and play Twinkles on violin too. They're not violin students at all, but I like the idea that they want to join in and be part of it :) Of course I said yes. I'm really looking forward to it.

Oh, and here's the condensed milk recipe. Makes about two tins' worth.

Place 1.5 cups (280g) sugar in bowl.
Add 2 cups (200g) milk powder and mix.
Add 3tbsp MELTED butter
pour over 1 cup HOT water and mix (blender or hand, doesn't matter)

Keep refrigerated for up to one week. (May need a little gentle heating before use if you store it like this in case sugar crystallises.) Happy cookie-baking!

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Lora said...

I read yesterday's post and almost cried because there wasn't a recipe for the milk!

I love it, especially in my (brewed extra strong to combat the sweetness) coffee. I keep a can of it on hand at all times, but I'll try my own hand at it soon.

And I never look at crocuses the same after reading Middlesex! When they come up in the spring, I giggle.