Monday, September 7, 2009

happy condensed milk love.

I just learned how to make condensed milk. Oh my goodness. Suddenly, those cookies I couldn't make because I had no condensed milk? GUESS WHAT. Actually, since returning from my uncharacteristic excursion to work today and my afternoon shift, I've been very domestic goddessy. Not only did I cook risotto using stock form scratch and rosemary-roasted potatoes... I then washed up after myself and have finished off with a strawberry and pear crumble which is browning nicely even now.

Some days I frighten myself a little. Good thing we can eat leftovers tomorrow and hubs can cook Wednesday night.

Sadly, I think one of my families is going to move to America at the end of the year. They're going to be a seed mission, or start a church. This couple presided over our wedding vows and I've taught their middle daughter for... six? years. Fantasically, they want me to find them a Suzuki teacher in Charlotte. Less fantastically, they're moving to America.

On a very selfish note, we've just conquered the first half of Book 4 and J. is playing really beautifully. She's put in so much work on her own initiative in the last few months and I'm sure we will hit the end of Book 4 and the big scary Bach D Minor before the end of this year. It's a mega bummer losing a kid like that, because her lessons are really a pleasure, and we've had our rocky "I can't do it!" patches.

Lately her attitude has matured and she's begun to realise the heights of her capabilities.
Hopefully the wonderfulness that is my teaching will get me headhunted to teach workshops in US and we'll see each other again in the not-too-far-off future. For now I guess we just do what we can do until they move.


Not So Glamorous Housewife said...

You teach Suzuki method? A friend and I both played throughout our childhood, I began with John Thompson and progressed into classical and she did Suzuki. It was really wonderful. We both sat at about the same level throughout and you could see various differences in our playing. I wasn't sure if it was just in how we were two individuals or the actual manner in which we were taught. I don't play much anymore but I think she still does for church and things.

omchelsea said...

Yep, grew up Suzuki, got detoured into AMEB (stupid school!) went back and began teaching. Im a little intrigued by John Thompson then classical... all the Suzuki repertoire (post-first twelve pieces) is classical.
I should probably just google, but it's late! So I'm going to assume that John Thompson is a starter book/course rather then an individual teacher...?

Certainly every child is individual and different and I can see big differences among my students - given they all have the same teacher and follow the same philosophy of learning to a degree, I think personality and physical gesture have a lot to do with those nuances.
And every "Suzuki" teacher will be different...I've met some with a very poor understanding of the concept and others who live the philosophy every day, not just in their teaching studio.
Sorry, I'm heading out of the realm of "Hooray! A comment! I love comments! I will reply to this comment!" and into the realm of "Dammit! Where's my soapbox?!" Ahem. It's late. Sorry about that. I am, indeed, a Suzuki teacher.

Josefine said...

Hey you, just finished "the slap" last night! I really like it actually, with the exception of the little too frequent use of the c-word that is. Other than that I thought it was a good read and I really enjoyed the fact that it takes place in Melbourne...
I found my opinion of the characters changing and I got really upset and kind of infuriated with them at times which was quite enjoyable somehow. I can definetly see how this book would create a lot of discussion, hahah... What did you think of it?

IT IS ALLY said...

I quite honestly had no idea that you could _make_ condensed milk. Now I am fascinated. How do you do it?

Al said...

Wow that dinner sounds delish! Never knew that making condensed milk was an option- i thought it was just canned stuff!

omchelsea said...

Josefine: I'm glad you liked it! It certainly polarises people - and so far everyone has been a little erky about all the c&*^s in it.... isn't it NICE when a book makes you get involved like that and FEEL something about the characters?! I think we should propose it for the Hermit Book Club :)

IT IS ALLY: I never thought you weren't Ally, but stilll..... sorry. ok, post coming for condensed milk.

Al, there's a whole world of making stuff out there and I am SUCH a beginner!

julochka said...

i wanna know how to make condensed milk! ya gotta tell us how!! :-) and i've got to make risotto for dinner now. that's clear.

omchelsea said...

So I added the condensed milk recipe in my next blog...let me know how it turned out!