Friday, September 11, 2009

I just remembered.

Last night I got breathalyzed by a cop.
An exceptionally good-looking cop, but still a member of law enforcement.

He gazed deep into my eyes and said "So, how's your day been?" I stuck my chin out and stared back (I'd like to say defiantly, but I expect it was more of a zombie psychout from the deep pits whence my fatigued eyeballs lurked).
"Hmm. And have you had anything to drink in the course of this long day?"
"No. I wish I had, though."
He laughed. "One long breath, thanks. Ok."
Me, waiting for the readout: "I can go home and get completely blind now, right?"
"Yeah, just get out of your car first."
For the record, this is eight thirty on a Wednesday night. And I didn't even get one glass away from stone sober. I probably should have.


Linda McIver said...

But what did you just remember? to blog? Before crashing into your bed? You are very dedicated!

What's going on? You seem to have lost your bounce..

suzukisinger said...

Linda: end of term is bounce-deflating. Very bounce deflating. Is it actually possible that this term has been more than 10 weeks? Perhaps someone snuck a few more into the teaching term??? Even if you say no, I'll need tide charts and constellation maps showing earth rotation to believe you :)

Breathalyzer encounter completely and utterly hilarious. Sounds like we need another 750ml therapy session.

omchelsea said...

Linda: I blogged on my ipod and then uploaded when we got home! (hence the funny timestamping)

Suzukisinger is utterly and terribly correct. This has been a long term. The being-away for two weeks and then catching up on ballet stuff was awful, the motivation of students (violin) really hard after most of them missed two lessons (and really didn't listen very well to my please of "Have a reheharsal with the pianist WHILE I'm away INSTEAD of coming to your lesson that week", which was unfortunate.
It's been a very long term. And hubs flies out of the country on my first official day off and flies back in again the day before the madness that is fourth term begins. GET me those starcharts RIGHT NOW. ANd a bottle of wine.

In fact, I suspect that the primary reason for Suzukisinger's visit to my house this morning (which was utterly delightful; there's nothing quite like watching a 2 year-old hang up coathangers) was to check I was not huddled in a corner sawing at my wrists with a spoon while singing "Ninety-nine bottles of wine in the hot springs, ninety nine bottles of wine..."
Book me in (or take me into custody).

Linda McIver said...

I totally agree with both of you that this term has been ludicrously long. (and at the same time, is ending well before I was expecting - how does *that* work???).

Chelsea, we have a well-stocked wine cellar, two cute kids, and you know where we live. Drop by anytime!
Oh, and more weird tea than you can poke a teapot at. :-) Plus a proper coffee machine. What more do you want? :-)