Saturday, July 18, 2009

Twitter is the friend with benefits. Blogging is a relationship. Come on, you all know what I mean. Twitter is the booty call for attention. Blogging...well, you do stuff (fall through decking), write about it, and slowly, people stop by and read it.
Sometimes they comment.
Sometimes they commit to following...
Sometimes they read, snigger and think "Omigod, I'm SO glad my life is more interesting than that. And I'm SO much more co-ordinated. Look, I can walk all over my house without falling down!"
I'm so jealous.
And then they hop onto one of the other and incomparably more awesome blogs I like to follow and forget all about my tawdry little efforts.

Oh well.

Another Saturday morning of teaching, and the hole in the deck is temporarily patched so pugs can't fall through. NO, my leg isn't THAT fat, I only went through one board (and a bit), but this was clearly the only patch handy.

And this is my lunchbreak reading material.

Excitingly: As of 2009-07-17, you now have $4.17 in Kiva Credit in your account.

Thanks Jesús López Sánchez in Mexico for starting to repay the loan you took out to help with you son's educational expenses! Can I have another $20.83 so I can reloan? Oh, the buzz....

My leg's still very sore.
Don't fall through decking.

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