Friday, July 17, 2009


So this very clever colleague of my husband THINKS about things. Introspection is a good thing, even more so when it's turned upon the everyday and facebook and privacy.

Being part of the generation that not only wants everyone to watch them (look at me! I'm so awesome! ME! ME! MEEEEEE!) but thinks everyone IS watching them and CARES to some degree about what we do in our tiny, mundane hours, we are fine with this 'faceless' crowd of people who check out all our stuff.

We'd actually be horrified if they weren't interested in our minutiae.


I agree completely. It's a little weird knowing how much people can know about you...but can't that also be incentive to live a "good" life (for your given value/definition of "good")?

Clearly this is my own pure, blameless and entirely selfless motivation. Hmmmm.

Week 1 of term has been mostly good. Thursday (being my surrogate mummy day) was challenging and happy-making. It's joyful to see new faces coming to Little Stars (and some oldies returning). It's exciting to see O progress and test his limits (because every day there are new abilities, and therefore new ceilings to hit). I'm grateful for the parenting apprenticeship.

Our house is now home to a Death Star (O, Lego, why do you invent such COOL stuff that our existence would be meaningless without?) and QLD Nanna's ESP must be working because Australia Post brought me a parcel of goodies yesterday too. The new pekingese is called Tickle. I think it's an improvement on Choongy II (Yes, there was a Choongy I... and before that, Boots.)
I'm feeling more normal by the minute.

Actually, scrap that. Our house is ALSO home to a hole in the back deck. Yes, we knew it needed replacing. Yes, we've budgeted to replace it. I just didn't expect to fall through it first. It all happened..... when A. rolled into my driveway and ended her phonecall with "I'm in your driveway."
Why, so you are, I thought, and because any reasonably intelligent person would, at this point, open the front door and wave to the other half of their brain idling in the driveway, I INSTEAD went out the back door to wave in an entertaining fashion from the back decking.
This involved a little enthusiastic jumping up and down while waving...which was when my left foot suddenly discovered more space UNDER the decking. My leg is very sore now. And, (to add insult to injury) my fat ballet calves broke the board NEXT to the weak one.
Did I mention my leg's black now? NOT terribly happy. Teaching ballet with a leg that hurts every time you take a step is really not very fun.

Lesson: Do not fall through decking.


Vanessa Tuau said...

LOVING your blog - you are one cool lady and a talented writer to boot! (I found your link on SS) - adding you to my favourites:) Vanessa x

Mama Nut said...

You're totally right! There are so many people who think everyone cares what they are doing every second of the day. I have some issues with Twitter just for this very reason. Me, I am the complete opposite, I seem to think no one really cares about what I am up to, only because they are too busy worrying about themselves LOL.

omchelsea said...

Lol thanks's been a while since I wrote ANYTHING but I need to get my butt into gear for more teacher training and paper-writing... and I've missed writing :) so thank you for reading and all critiques welcome! (If you just want to laugh at my misfortunes that's also perfectly fine.)
And yes, I find Twitter a little perplexing. Doesn't stop me spreading warnings about sneaky evil decks though.