Sunday, July 19, 2009

I finished Lullaby.
Damn Fishpond for running out of Pygmy stock.
I read Four Blondes today ....meh..... and plundered the garden (so demoralising I can't even articulate it right now) and have drunk WAY too much tea and eaten WAY too many delicious little men (COOKIE MEN).

On the bright side, have not fallen through the deck again.
And had a lovely visit from good friend and her very nice fiance (well, he talks to us, so I guess he like us. Perhaps? No really, I'm sure it's all fine.) and their Fredichi puppy dog.

Dog logic: We have a WHOLE backyard and most of a house to play in. Hey, let's play under the dining table where our peeps are drinking tea! We can wrestle and skid madly around the floorboards and why oh why would we want to play in the BIG OPEN SPACE outside???

But they're cute, so mostly we forgive them.

And last night hung out with cool people. I like these people. They're proof that brain cells DO work after kidlets. Not sure if I passed the "reading bedtime story" test...may have to work on delivery a little. But seriously, vintage story...from the day when "wireless" referred to radio... and for a whole five seconds I thought internet, and wow, the main character is giving a podcast! That's so cool!
Ah, yes.
Maybe the REALLY good choc-banana pudding went to my head a little. Couldn't have been the wine. One glass. I'm SO off form.

I'm going to bed with a little man now. (A COOKIE man. Sheesh, some people....)

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