Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The end of another Wednesday

Off to Sorrento bright and early this morning. Ok. Early. Mood not terribly improved by all the drifters (it would be nice if you were unpacking at 8.30. Oh, look, 8.47 and you're just rolling in...) so I made a fair point of what time I EXPECT them to arrive. There may be a tiara for the first student in next week.

Today really proved that Winter Festival (three holiday mornings @ Frankston High) was worth it. The kids who attended that not only had the benefit of the three days' classes and activities, they were motivated to practice throughout the holidays and their parents were motivated (no doubt partly by their financial investment, and I'm FINE with that) to practice WITH them. The Sorrento kids are looking pretty good :).

Tomorrow is the day to float my new concert idea. I'm thinking that to develop solo performance ability and to work in with my two-week absence this term (Japan! Hooray!) next concert will be a split - maybe twelvish solos and four/five group items, a piece from each book that EVERYONE can play. That way we don't lose the WOW element of ensemble playing (which is starting to sound really fantastic) but it will help the kids get the idea of polishing and developing a piece for performance.

If they want to play a solo, parents will have to take their child to two rehearsals (so this also requires time and investment of effort on parents' part rather than "Go on! OF COURSE you want to play a solo!") Uh yes...but do you really want to do the running around as well? I have some great parents and undoubtedly they will understand while this effort is necessary.
Hence group items will also cater to those less fortunate kids whose parent can't or won't get them to an accompanist rehearsal.
And now? tea and the couch are calling. And my lovely husband, who has patiently spent quality time with HIS mac while I faff. (Necessary faffing, but still...) Oh, and the pug. She's waiting rather less patiently. Onwards to Thursday!

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