Monday, July 13, 2009

Term 3 begins....

With a delightful lesson with A, 4 and her lovely mum. A was happy to play just with me today, not needing mum to play along too - hoorah! A big step.
Her fingers are working very nicely and we played BBSS with focus on bow placement. String crossing is fine, just a little tendencey to wander down to the fingerboard - which was quickly and easily corrected. Twinkle was a nice segue into crossing strings precisely - at the tip as well as at the frog - and I think that might fix the random bow circles that keep popping in!
Oh, and Lightly Row? We can sing ALL the words, thank you very much :) and I think she'll be playing the beginning next week.
Mum and I had a lovely lesson learning about bow control - how to surrender the bow to the string... and finding nice tone. Great intonation :) Must be all that listening (who knew?!).

And now to recap the weekend....Saturday was geeking out day at Magic's tenth edition prerelease tournament. I soundly spanked all the boys and made it to the top table...where my until-then-consistent deck spectacularly malfunctioned and I lost the round in two straight games. Bleah. We sojourned to The Chocolatte Hub for amazingly good hot chocolate (chilli and cinnamon and dark swiss mmmmmm) and some post-mortem games, before heading to a trivia night in honor of gaelic football. (What an amazingly random life I lead...)

On Sunday I headed for the city while the boys (aka gluttons for punishment) went back for more Magic. Spent a little time at a 'boutique' (read TINY) meeting of SSers at Melbourne Central, finally bought self a pair of red leather gloves (from Dangerfield - divine!) and coveted a leather-wrapped much that I made myself one when I got home.

The finished product - sparkly buckle and all

Process goes something like this:
Take one black leather skirt and dissect along seams.
Take notebook and fold leather around book in rough approximation of coveted covers seen previously.
Get out sewing machine and think "Gee, will this be ok sewing LEATHER?"
Decide it will be fine.

Realise have no way of keeping cover wrapped and closed around book.
Rummage in button jar and find wonderful salvaged buckle.
Fiddle with elastic to attach to cover, attach salvaged strap, VOILA!
I'm so awesome. I think that's going to be my little mantra today.

In other news...nothing doing on my Kiva loans but remain hopeful! I want the $ back so I can reloan it, dammit!


rxBambi said...

I know nothing about violins, but I've had exactly 6 piano lessons and I love it! One day I'll be famous, I'm sure. RIght now tho I can totally rock Old MacDonald...

omchelsea said...

lol I like the totally rockin'... I can't play piano but I DO have a harmonium...and that's quite enough of a challenge :)