Saturday, October 10, 2009

I am a sick chick.

Stuffed up, hacking, snuffling... and I have to teach tomorrow.
Oh, the joys of a seven-day week. Frick. It's fair to say that interacting cheerfully on a daily basis with children and parents is challenging. When half out of brain on Codral it's VERY challenging. When not half out of brain on Codral and therefore unable to breath properly it's ridiculous.

When dancing around like an idiot at the ballet hall it's a certain recipe for collapse. I've been sitting in bed since about 8pm tonight surfing the interwebs and attempting to read Carpentaria.
Missed out on a party and a show... oh, the sadness. And just to rub it in, I can clearly hear someone down the street rocking on with their beats. Bastards.  

Then watched the embarrassingly awful clip of Red Faces on Hey Hey's reincarnation, or whatever the network wants to call it. Stupid. I'm not linking to it here, either you saw it or you can go look for it on youtube, but please don't think all people residing in Australia found it funny, clever, or... anything. Can we just pretend it never happened? Please? My next half-hour was much more profitably spent on episodes of The Guild and now I'd like to attempt a little oblivion.

Our night formula in capsules,
codral be thy name,
your dosage come,
your effects be done,
in my sinuses as in the adverts.
Give me tonight sweet peaceful sleep.
Enable my respiratory function,
as I enable the learning of innocent children.
Lead me not into the depths of primetime "humor",
but deliver me from the auditory abuse of doof-doof from down the street
For thine is the phenylephrine hydrochloride, the codeine phosphate and the paracetamol 
forever and ever
shoot me now.


Extranjera said...

Getting sick too, so feel your discomfort.
Get well soon!

suzukisinger said...

nice prayer. Very clever. You should try one using anatomical terms. I'm imagining something describing the pain of ballet, first week back after the summer break. The metre would be amazing.
Also finding the tags under each post nearly as hilarious as the main event.
My hand is up!!

lindamciver said...

I soooooo sympathise. We have been sick for over a week now, and were up all night with a very sick and miserable munchkin (who has an excursion tomorrow - and guess what happened last time she was sick? Yes! An excursion!!! That's just cruel!!!)
It's touch being a parent when you're sick. It would be even worse teaching a whole room full of bouncy little bunnies. Hang in there. Feel better SOON! That's an order! And maybe when hubs gets back from Austin you should quarantine him for a bit. ;)

Matthew said...

My wife made me watch Hey Hey's first reunion show. Seeing as I wasn't here the first time it was on, I couldn't ride the nostalgia train and I have to say, I'm viewing it as time I will never get back.

Get well soon madam.

mon ami said...

I hope you feel better soon! Wishing you hot tea, hot baths and cheesy movies xo