Sunday, October 4, 2009


I was so totally organised today.

Set an alarm for waking up, for leaving, packed violin and stuff and dressed in a teacherly fashion (ooh, that sounds a bit tweedy two-piece with pearls...), consulted for directions, WROTE OUT directions because I don't trust gps and therefore don't own one (I don't know a single female who can identify a distance of 500m in a moving vehicle) and deserted my traumatized, sickly hubs right on schedule. For an event that will happen NEXT Sunday.

Fifty minutes after leaving my home I'm pulling up outside the designated venue and thinking gee, not many cars. Oh well, they did say there were less attendees scheduled than usual. Hm. No signs, either. That's ok, I'll just drive around to the other side of the school. I am at the right place, yeah? (retrieve event handout from diary, which hasn't been consulted much lately, what with having been on holidays and all). Shit.

Serious four-letter declamations of outrage, fury, and a certain manic irony ensued and continued for some time. Which is how I come to be shamefully exploiting the free internet at chadstone while drinking something like a pint of chai latte. It may seriously BE a pint, where my concept of a pint is a little less than a litre. Frick.


~PakKaramu~ said...

Pak Karamu visiting your blog teacher

suzukisinger said...

ohhhhh chelsea. We both need to accept WE DO NOT FUNCTION WITHOUT SLEEP. You ppoooorrr darling. Just too wound up about everything thats been going on, I imagine. And next week?? sigh. Can you be sick, or perhaps you'll teach with spirit and excitement enough for two weeks (next week). HOpe that pint went down a treat.

lindamciver said...

Oh noooooooooo! That is totally something I would do. Together with the massive self-kicking afterwards.

You're not perfect??? I'm shattered. How could this be?? Don't beat yourself up. Crawl back into bed with your hubs (what has he got? a bad case of long-haul flight disease? don't think I've ever come off a long haul flight without the flu.