Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cursed, I tell you!

Stringalong WAS today, happily for me, as I drove up and taught and led concert item and all that jazz.  Saw a teacher after a hiatus of...six years? He's a lovely guy who spent many hours showing me Sydney from the pillion of his motorcycle... that sounded a bit wrong, but it's very true!

Afterward thought I would just continue driving into Melbourne and surprise my darling hubs. Balmy evening, we could stroll along Southbank, maybe catch a show at the Arts Centre, just do whatever. I'd fee like I'd actually had a Sunday instead of having worked ALL weekend, I'd get to see him after he's played cards ALL weekend, everyone's a winner. Right? Uh, yeah. Of course.

In a delicious twist of irony, hubs leaves the tournament early, forfeiting the contention to some prize packs, and heads home on the train. So I'm standing in Federation Square when he FINALLY answers my twenty-eighth phone call (ok, ok, maybe my eighth phone call).
"Where are you?"
"I'm on my way home! I'm about halfway!" I can HEAR the grin in his voice. I, on the other hand, having
(a) driven forty minutes IN to the city,
(b) ferreted around for a parking spot,
(c) walked quite a reasonable distance WITH violin because leaving it in the car = risk not prepared to take,
(d) prepped a nice little scenario involving
      (i) me surprising hubs @ MCG,
      (ii) choosing somewhere to eat,
      (iii) walking around the pretty bits of our city hand-in-hand on a balmy springtime evening enjoying some weekend time...

WAS SHATTERED. I proceeded to swear VERY loudly and flail limbs about in the public space occupied by many Melburnians walking around hand-in-hand, discussing their evening plans with loved ones. Bastards, all. And then I walked all the way back to my car and drove all the way home. And in hours it's going to be Monday. Again. WHAT HAPPENED TO MY WEEKEND???

P.S. There are now fourteen SIGNED Magic cards in our house. I didn't bring them home. I am married to SUCH a geek.


ladytruth said...

There has been some technical difficulty with the move of your blog as it seems I'm still following the old one and thought you haven't been posting for a month :( Sorry about that!

My friend's brother is REALLY into the Game of the Geek ... eh ... Magic. The brother converted his whole dining room into a Magic room where hundreds, seemingly thousands of cards await the battle to begin.

Hope your Monday is better than your Sunday :)

Meg Fee said...

oh man. but wouldn't you rather take the one kerfluffle knowing that you married the guy that leaves the game early just to suprise you?!!!

ps: oh man. magic. my brother used to play that game in middle school. that's the same game right?!

Girl Meets Gun said...

YOU'RE NUMBER 40!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! You get a SPECIAL prize if you would like. :) lol. I'm not quite sure what it is, as, uh, well I just wrote in my blog an hour ago I would give something special to my 40th follower, but I will figure it out! Email me at ncwitowski[at]gmail[dot]com and I can figure out what to give you. :D

And on your blog...DAMN MEN! Why can't they communicate their plans to their significan others. If they did, we'd have much more time on our hands to spend on great weekends instead of wondering where the hell they went. Ugh!

omchelsea said...

ladytruth: arrrrgh. I KNEW there were issues at the time but thought they'd all been resolved... sorry about that and thank you for checking up on me

Meg: yeeeeeeah..... but it was the ONE day (out of the three) where he was in contention for prizes AND HE LEAVES EARLY. I ask you, Sane/rational?

GMG: WOO! NO really, no prize necessary, I just liked your blog, so it's win win for everyone :)