Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's a bit sad...

When sleep deprivation thanks to hubs' swine flu (flight flu, Seattle flu, whatEVER, I just don't want it in my lungs) drives me to the couch to sleep. Get a mute button. That's NOT a request.

It's cold on the couch. Even with a double fleecy blanket and a quilt, so I keep waking up because my feet are cold and my legs are cramped, and then they cramp more when I try to pull my legs up closer to my chest (aka going foetal) to tuck my toes beneath blankety goodness. Doesn't this mean I lack salt in my diet? Quick, someone work out a way of adding salt to chocolate (in a delicious way, not ewwww, this chocolate is all salty and gross).

When the resultant back pain has crippled me all day. And continues to do so. I am not a nice person when in pain. I've untwisted my vertebrae four or five times and still feel kinked up. I really have to call my osteo tomorrow. I just don't feel like explaining myself (and taking any level of responsibility for my irresponsible absence).

When I fail to understand just how late "not late" is. Apparently the "not late" that goes with cards is not the same as the "not late" that goes with shopping. FAIL.

When, three days into term four, I have devolved to my regular teaching wardrobe of jeans and a top. Ok, it's a particularly nice navy-blue button-down in some lovely italian yarn (which I subversively paired with GREY jeans) but ye gods, jeans and top. Again.

That yoghurt makes me happy. Strawberry easiyo, in fact. I've discovered that if you top it up with more boiling water about six hours in I can get it to set JUST RIGHT. I know... excited about the consistency of yoghurt. Shoot me now.

I think I'm done. Ok, not so bad. On the positive side, my wallpaper-goal-setting initiative is off to a good start. Everyone seems to have the idea of goal-setting and I think small gold stars are going to make an appearance next week for those who feel they've attained their goal. If the goal's still in progress, the star can wait, so it's not an automatic Hey! Now everybody gets a star!

I'm sure this would earn me disapprobation by the warm fuzzy lot, but I go forth confident in my position that Suzuki philosophy is not merely about being 'nice' to children but sometimes doling out the tough love. If I have to withhold small gold stars to do this and encourage a sense of self-assessment and accountability, so be it. (Just getting all comfy on my castle, thanks.)

I'm going to bed now. There are some things that only sleep can make better. And tonight I'm retaining the bed. I've decided the person who will spend the most time with small people on any given subsequent day retains the bed. Ok, so that's always going to be me, but that's really (and why wouldn't it be???) fine. With me. Hmmm. Oh frick. Now I'm coughing.


Madame DeFarge said...

A teacher who wears jeans? My mum lived in navy blue skirts and blouses for almost 30 years. I don't think she knew what to wear when she retired. Ended up in navy blue jeans.

Matthew said...

Sleep well. For what little it's worth, my excitement over King Island Dairy vanilla bean yoghurt reaches heights that could be considered inappropriate.

omchelsea said...

What else do teachers WEAR??

Jeans and a top
Denim skirt and top
Denim dress.....

Ok, we could go dress and skirts but why would we. I know everything stays where it's meant to in denim. Constructed, scaffolded child friendly teaching attire. Parent, child and teacher friendly. I'm sure that's the suzuki triangle

suzukisinger said...

Oops. You are still logged into my computer.
Omchelsea above is actually Suzukisinger incognito.
Less incognito now I've told you all.

lindamciver said...

omchelsea and suzukisinger indivisible and indistinguishable. how apt!

Essential equipment for any relationship where at least one partner is easily woken: a magic couch. ie a couch that is good for sleeping on, but particularly good for sleeping on propped up in the optimal position for not coughing (because of those coughs that only manifest when you are lying down). Magic couches are generally high backed, long, and possessed of perfect squishability. Hard to find, but worth the effort! We have our magic couch in the living room upstairs. come and see. :)