Thursday, September 17, 2009

Yum yum.

We started out as teengers walking her dogs in the rain. Now we're adults living on different sides of Melbourne, but we still meet up, and yes, walk our dogs in the rain.

Tonight we got together with B and her fiancé N and another couple, M&J (who we met at B&N's engagement party). Our conversation began a little awkwardly, with stories of dogs past, present and other people's, before we played a little "who's had the worst week at work?" and moved onto tv shows.

Ah, yeah. Hubs and I don't have a tv. When we moved in to our house we had millions of offers.
My parents: "You should take the spare tv that's just sitting in the laundry."
My parents have more tv screens than people in their house. Even their dog watches tv. We, however, still don't have a tv, after nearly three years. Nor do we have four children.

We DO have an obsession with West Wing and have recently discovered the fantastic that is Firefly (Joss Whedon, can I come and work for you in ANY capacity? Please?) but tv? Nope. Don't got one. Won't have seen that really cool ad for whatever, don't know about those so sad auditions for "So you think you can dance" and still don't have time to read/write/make/do all that I want to do.

Ok. So now you know my dirty little secret. Back to topic: it's very funny to have four adults discussing a tv show and trying to explain it to two others who have never seen it.
Scary thought: you know how you see people and think "Wow, why did you EVER have children???" What if they only had children so they had something in common with their friends? I'm sure I heard something about a teen pregnancy epidemic in some American town; maybe this is really something people do!

Have you ever done something because everyone else was doing it? I mean, I know that as teenagers we all had a drink (ok, mom, I know YOU didn't) or a cigarette (yeah, mom, I hear you) or SOMETHING. Currently all the media seems to be pushing for a baby boom.
This season's must have: a baby! You only have to wait nine months, and for an extra five grand you can choose the color! Accessories that last a lifetime!

Hm. Got a bit ranty there. I should probably chill it, listen to the magic podcast and get some sleep. I was terribly well fed; chicken parmagiana that was like half a chicken flattened across my plate beneath bacon, tomato and three types of cheese. Hubs ate kangaroo (yeah, we're such philistines we eat our national animals) and we each ordered dessert; him some amazing mangoapplestrawberry parfait with chocolate sorbet and macerated strawberries, me a dark chocolate-layered-with-sponge slice thing with strawberries and orange segments, topped with a scoop of blood orange sorbet. Mmmm-hmmm that is the GOOD dessert right there.

Oh oh OH! I nearly forgot to say, but I received my gift of jewels today and it really was a gift :) a delightful card, and letter, and the coolest gold bookmark, all the way from lovely South Carolina. Thank you, Connie, your gift was delightful and absolutely made my day. A mom mentioned that she and her family are reading The Little House on the Prairie and I think I'd like to revisit those halycon days. Your bookmark is going to be the perfect thing - and I won't mention the other sweet bit here because it might spoil the surprise... maybe I can update that tomorrow.


Lora said...

I have a television, but never pay any attention to it. It's funny to listen to people talk about sitcom characters like they are all best friends.
My husband and I were at breakfast this morning, and the waitstaff was all gathered round talking about so and so and they are all going to jail and the baby was abused and this one got caught with drugs and it turns out they were talking about a soap opera!


lacochran said...

I didn't know you *could* eat kangaroo! Does it taste like chicken?

Josefine said...

Before I met and moved in with fiancé I lived without a television for the most part of 4 years. And I loved it.
Fiancé however does not share this enthusiasm for tv-free living and has two massive screens in the house. And since I lack all and any form of self discipline, I get stuck watching a lot of stuff I'd be better off without.
Oh, have to go, I think I can hear the intro to "Days of our lives"...

omchelsea said...

Lora: OH YEAH! I get a little freaked by the level of emotional investment - it's not really real, people. And the 'reality' shows? They're edited. Oh, the trauma of manufactured reality!

lacochran: Heya! Thanks for stopping in and even more for leaving a comment; kangaroo is a red meat and tastes like... steak. But more tender (usually) and a little...gamier? I've heard it compared favorably with venison, and in Australia it's a much more environmentally friendly red meat than beef. Kangaroo sausages and steaks are pretty easy to come by at butchers' and supermarkets now.

Josefine: Oh baby! How good is it?! LOL every time I'm at my parents I get sucked toward the maelstrom of sound and color at the end of the living room...then I realise half an hour of my life just disappeared.

Linda McIver said...

Chelsea, you need a copy of the t-shirt I got today from my beloved:
"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it's time to pause and reflect. "
With a picture of lemmings jumping off the cliff, and one at the top with a thoughtful look on his face. :-)

When someone says "do you watch", the answer is always "no", unless it's playschool. Or Shaun the Sheep. ;)