Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Clash this...I dare you.

Following on from the concert with 60% attendence, I sent out emails this week notifying everyone of the next concert...the 5th December. That's nearly three months in advance; I figure that short of a wedding or a ballet concert I should be in with some kind of improved chance. (And I've already checked out the dates for ballet recitals with the majority of my girls, and I'm getting in the weekend before so that I don't have children half-dead of exhaustion.)

How else do I educate/inspire? It's one of those things where the proff is in the pudding; you attend and THEN you see the benefit. You don't and there's no benefit - but also no discernible disadvantage, just a child with a downward curving motivation. I feel like I'm chasing my tail!

Yesterday I had lunch with a friend who was incredulous that a parent would even think of missing a concert: they pay for lessons, they come to lessons, they have some level of participation in home practice, why WOULD'NT you make an effort to attend? Perhaps this is subconscious sabotage. Perhaps I'm self-sabotaging by expecting that it IS an effort; maybe I should stop saying "I respect how busy..." and start saying "I expect that..."

I don't think I'm full-time nasty enough.
I'm sure there are many lurkers who would dispute this (HA!)
I need these holidays.


Anonymous said...

Yeah - I think I agree with you here. They should be there and to make excuses on their behalf is excatly that; creating excuses.

Congratulations - you're now empowered. Aren't you glad I turned up? ;)

suzukisinger said...

Let's get nasty!!!
Let's turn into city teachers with city expectations rather than flexible, accommodating and considerate little us.

Concert boot camp??? What would THAT look like :)