Sunday, September 27, 2009


Supposedly it's spring, but after another chilly day of horizontal rain and blustery, cutting-to-the-bone wind, I'm once again esconced in bed not only pyjama-clad, but beneath extra blankets and wearing a huge adidas jumper. Ridiculous.

I'd love to say that today I discovered the cure for cancer, but alas, only opshop treasures were forthcoming.
I did however enjoy a sew-sew evening with the pug, crafting a red leather satchel perfectly fitted for my beloved lappy and upcycling a belt or three for shoulder straps. I even dropped a lining into the black tote!

More rain. Freezing. Not at my very happiest. Sleep solves all... If only I could get some decent quantity! Keep your questions coming!


WhisperingWriter said...

We've been having some chilly weather too.

vicki archer said...

It will be very chilly here soon too....I hope you are enjoying the weekend, xv.