Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Get your jedi mind control on...

Which is exactly what I am attempting. However, it's late, and I seem to have lost the ability to type.
This is post 99, so if you want to ask any questions for me to answer in my 100th post, best be quick.

Followers, you can ask whatever you like.
Lurkers, you can't. Push off.
Or use something to sign in and follow and then you can ask too.

Because today has been a long and busy (and fun!) day and my toe is throbbing like a bastard (yes, bastards throb: who knew?!) you get some poetry.

You can ask questions about the poetry.

I was walking
floating toward you
conspicuously beautiful
in pink shimmering

I was bleeding
from my freakish mouth glossy
heavy inanities
until waifish

I saw your confusion
of beauty laboring to birth
adulterous lunacy
delivered in a voluptouly raised cocktail glass

I walked to you
and ceased to bleed
and you lifted
an egg 
from my mouth
and broke
the bloody yolk falling
your hands stricken
sticky albumen
and gory dark
and conjecture

I ceased pink shimmering 
am trapped in an ordinary room
ordinary peacock-people
of crimson and rose and no shimmering
no shimmering at all
they flirt - never guessing
I am pressed to their wrists
stories tightly wound about each hand
preventing them from hors d'ouevres
matt blue feathers fluttering bound

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