Friday, September 25, 2009


My one hundredth post. (Doncha just love the word hundredth? No-one ever says it correctly, we all slur "hundreth" and leave out that critical "d" but I seriously have a soft spot for words that require a little more effort. Prepossessing. That's another favorite, like preposterous.)

It's really quite amazing that I'm anywhere near one hundred posts, given the way I blather so effortlessly. Then again, borderline OCD has it's advantages...

Have a little stream of semi-consciousness:

The guilty pleasure of hearing "No other woman could hold a candle to you,"
and thinking Damn straight. It was your own fricking narcissism that burned the house down.
Followed by "You're the most intensely YOU person I've ever known. You're unchanging. And in five years you'll be exactly the same. And at fifty you'll be exactly the same."
That I heard inflexible, stagnant, stubborn, resistant when he apparently meant constant, evolving, true to yourself, and other positive, affirming traits is a measure of the chasm between our lexicons of existence. My, how they grow.

And now for some poetry (discussion welcome encouraged; I like interrogation), because this is my blog and I will put up here anything I like. And right now that is.....

Al jabr w'al mugabala

I have you 
without possessing you

Al jabr w'al mugabala

Taste you 
beneath my tongue
without consuming

Al jabr w'al mugabala

We are
an algebraic equation
single letters of representation
in circular transaction

Al jabr w'al mugabala


For my next trick I'm going to rip off Extranjera, because she's cool. No further correspondence shall be entered into over this contentious statement. Post 100 = answers to questions. Get asking. You've got... ooh, three days?

P.S. My toe still hurts. And my butt. Falling over is bad.
I'd like to thank the sparklemunchkins for distracting me from my achy painy clumsy body very successfully.
And leaving me sweet artwork.
And locking me out of my house (see, Linda's husband, I bet you thought you'd gotten away with that, but HA HA! I am the master mistress ultimate ruler of subterfuge cunningness inertia! Hmmm. Could be time to learn how to work a thesaurus.) Yah.


Extranjera said...

Would you rather be able to eat music or breathe dancing?

Jennifer Brindley said...

Very funny post, I enjoy your style. Maybe 'cause it reminds me of me. ;)

Thanks so much for the comment on my blog.

Good luck on your journey and I look forward to reading your blog as well! We have damn good taste.

~Jenn (Ex Hot Girl)

kristine said...

i like the word lackadaisical. except for years i thought it was lacksadaisical, and actually i prefer that.

my question: of you 100 posts, which is your favourtie?

kristine said...

i mean favourite. I can never type that correctly...

Anonymous said...

Is there a subject that you would never blog about? If so, why?

mysterg said...

Congratulations on 100!

I would like to know about who your childhood hero was and why?