Friday, October 2, 2009

hot springs = blissed out of brain

Today there were hot springs. Oh yes and indeedy. And they were hot.
Not so much springy, but the hotness made up for the lack of spring. There may or may not have been a little misleading advice that NEW POOLS would be open (they weren't) but luckily they weren't so overpopulated as our last visit.

Strangely, there seems to be no dress code at the springs, unlike your local pool, which will ask you to wear skintight bathing apparel so you don't drown in your XXL tee before you even get into the pool.  I suspect that today I could have worn a Snuggie. Into the pool. And no-one would have said a thing. At least not so loudly I could hear it, given the plethora of signage reminding people to talk quietly, maintain the peaceful atmosphere, etc., etc. .

Hang on. Who am I kidding. You think Australians can READ? Evidently not. Or the average Australian concept of 'quietly' differs by some decibels to mine. Or they were Americans in a cunning disguise. Oh look, there go allllll my followers. Bye-bye, have a nice life. You can remember me as that strange, quiet girl who is dreading the return of her husband from the United States of A... no, probably shouldn't write THAT - simply because he will shatter my peace and quiet. Only child much?
Mmmm. I don't play particularly well with others.

Anywho, it's late. It's been a delightful but long day. Tomorrow I'm going to six hours of lecture goodness. It'd better be good. One hour there, six hours of tedium (oh, oops, seven, there's a lunch break), two hours of nothing, dinner, Sarah Blasko gig (hurrah!). I'm taking a change of clothes with me. A change of sanity would also be a lovely thing, but I suspect the magic little black dress may have to do.

And, don't be frightened.... but there are some italics next, and we all know what that means. RUN! It's poetry! You'd better not comment! (SARCASM, people.)

she whispers love
beneath billowed sheets
damp-countenanced brave

She murmurs love
from drowsy fading
of manifold dreams 
approaching her wake

Stretched passively
unaware in frailty
his dark lashes
adrift 'neath wild brows

into such perception
into unconscious beauty
she tells her love


mylittlebecky said...

i'm so jealous of the hot springs! i've never been to one.

omchelsea said...

mylittlebecky: welcome! And GO. Find the nearest to you and road trip your heart out. It will be worth it.

omchelsea said...

p.s. you may need to take a couple of damn good friends with you to drown out everyone else's decebelic wittering.

naomi b said...

my change of sanity came in the form of banana yellow pumps today, but a little black dress would totally float my boat.