Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Take heed, evil decks.

Apparently it's no longer enough to have Lego robots entertaining potential new students at a university open day, they must wear little t-shirts just like the faculty staff!

(Who will be wearing substantially larger t-shirts, just to clarify. IT geeks wearing shrunken tees? Eeeeesh.)

My darling husband drew me an excellently
detailed pattern (complete with helpful labelling so I knew the BODY should be WHITE and the SLEEVES PURPLE) and this morning I have made two little tees for robots as they gallivant through a tape maze and goggle-eyed students fight to sign up for a degree in Computer Science because they'll get to play with LEGO.
Clearly every geek's dream.

What the faculty won't tell them is that you DON'T actually get to program the robots until you're a postdoc student, and even then you'll have to do it in your lunch hour.

And the deck has disappeared! Lucy is newly confused this morning and has spent much time gazing out across the denuded backyard. She looks melancholy, but pugs usually do.

The burly assistant is off work due to a toothache (oh, the irony!) so we shall see how much more is achieved. For now I ought to make a list of things that need packing. It's summer in Japan...

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rxBambi said...

I'm still stuck with a burning image of IT guys wearing shrunken tees...why did you do this to me??!