Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Follow up

So today it's one of my students' birthdays. He very sweetly brought cupcakes not only for his grade, but all the other violin kids. And me. And one I was told could go home to husband (after I gave his the option of eating it). Happy 12th birthday, dude. Hope we celebrate many more together.

I'm currently not-panicking about the impending Japan excursion; rather I keep picking up a particularly good book and then thinking, Oh, I must save this to read on the flight (along with four other books, I read FAST) and THEN I think "ERK! LEAVING country and term three and husband and pug and not-quite-completed deck in three days! MUST PACK!"

And then I sigh and think noooo, I still have teaching to do and realistically, anything I pack I will only need to unpack and reuse before I go. Packing will commence sixish Saturday night; my flight's six a.m. Sunday morning. Heaps of time.

Sadly, I rather overdid it today and my right arm is not particularly happy with me. I'll try for physio tomorrow but might have to play it by ear. Probably won't be dancing at Beaches tomorrow night but I'm sure the floor will be packed without us. P.S. Naomi you made my night ;) sorry there's not much to report today... and thank you for the link, Josh; hope your new accommodation is more salubrious and the pancakes less rubbery! Haunted is great, but I already knew that... I think it was the third rereading :) There's something fantastic about grossing self out with printed words.

And briefly in testament to how awesome the kids are I teach: two played a duet from memory at Assembly last week ... All the teachers are standing about saying "Wow! They're so incredible!" Mother of child no.1 rolls her eyes at this point and declares "Don't they KNOW they can play EVERYTHING from memory? I mean, really! We do this (Group lesson) EVERY WEDNESDAY!"
Yes, yes we do.

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