Sunday, July 26, 2009

The day that was...

Sunday morning at the Music Cottage in Caulfield and time to hear another potted version of Suzuki ECE class and I wonder why the Association can’t organise attendance at events like this so they say “Hey, we see you’ve completed the ECE Course module I… and you’ve TAUGHT baby classes!

Well, gee whiz, this talk actually isn’t aimed at you, it’s an intro for teachers who don’t teach ECE and think they might like to.” Nope. Too clever by far. Instead, today is compulsory attendance for teachers enrolled in Intermediate accreditation. Mmm. Clever. I love driving to somewhere I don’t need to be on a Sunday morning to sit through something for (not the second time, that would be fine) but perhaps the fourth or fifth time? Come on, people. I’m going to JAPAN next week, can we not waste this time?

Ok. I realise this is hugely ungracious. It’s certainly not done to whinge about repetition; this being the foundation of the philosophy I spend forty hours a week teaching and lots more practising… but the incompetence that means we sit through non-informative content after paying huge amounts for the privilege on a precious and rare day off gives me the irrits.

On the plus side, last night husband and I ventured forth to Court Jester’s. Tucked away behind Victoria St, Brunswick, this place does great Polish food and ticked all my boxes when they agreed to cook me breakfast. At 8 pm.

Not even the man I married will do that.

Goulash, breakfast *kugel stack* and SWEET *mixed berry* dumplings later, I ate a mint and choc-chip muffin made with real mint and enjoyed a really good coffee. while carving up the table. No, we didn’t dance on it. But tools were provided and we were invited to scarify the surface of our dining table.
While discussing the private lives of our nearest and dearest, I decorated the table with a treble clef and a fleet of oms.

Rod chose to declare “I BRING NOTHING TO THE TABLE” (debatable) and followed up with a nice rendition of “TABLE HERO” in the style of “GUITAR HERO” in logo style. Another (far more imaginative) girl than me scratched out a knife and fork on the table where they would sit in a place setting, which was very good. Wish I’d had a camera!
And today after my little tantrum (which has produced an email which will possibly get me excommunicated) we've been lovingly cooked for and skyped with the J-Dub sojourning in London. Lucky bugger. Oh well, all things oriental shall be mine next week!

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