Friday, July 31, 2009

Got deck?

It's squared off, has an approximate rail, and provided about and hour of quality entertainment for O today. Had something of a party this morning! Yesterday a parent brought about six cabbages and a small mountain of silverbeet to share about. Everyone has since departed their lesson clutching awesome homegrown and freshly harvested vegies :) Lovely people.
So, this morning saw E and his mom, followed by A and her mom... interrupted (happily) by O and his mom (aka my best friend, the other half of my brain, etc etc and so forth) while outside my dad did amazing and miraculous things to the garden and the builder and his lovely assistant built the deck. Got all that?

Moment of the morning: E finding NICE (not crunchy) tone on his tiny violin. And looking simultaneously awestruck and grumpy. Very funny. Oh, and A deciding she wanted an audience; in came O, in came mom, and they played "Kookaburra" (Twinkle Variation D, 8 semiquavers on each pitch) on one of the little foamy violins. O turns 2 in November. Don't know how we'll STOP him getting a real violin before 2 1/2....gee gosh DARN.

Have been listening to Regina Spector's new album Far and the last Clare Bowditch with great happiness. Such happiness that I'm not even a little bit obsessed with the whereabouts of my copy of Lionel Shriver's "The Post-Birthday World". You can tell, right?

It doesn't bug me at all that my habit of blithely handing out excellent books left, right and centre has resulted in zero copies of Neil Gaiman's "American Gods" (I own TWO copies).

However, I might be better (only marginally) taking books I'm happy to jettison when read.
BUT, I don't want to waste all this quality flying (reading) time on crap books! Oh, the bitter conundrum.

Yes, I've thought of downloading to ipod, but can't turn the pages quite fast enough (there's not quite enough text per page at a comfortable font size). Mediocrity it must be.


Linda McIver said...

I have a copy of American Gods. You're welcome to scoot by and grab it... If you want to grab it on the way to the airport I can leave it in the letter box or something. :)

omchelsea said...

Thank you, that's really lovely, I just couldn't bring myself to get up any earlier ...and after the way my travel panned out I'm glad!