Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pugs like wasabi

True! Lucy + wasabi crackers = MINUTES of entertainment (that's a factor of 60 times greater than all other foods).
It's the only time I've seen her look puzzled; clearly this thing is edible, my people are eating them, WHY is it attacking my mouth? Well, that's what her face looked like, anyway.
My wrist still hurts....dum de dum dum.
West Wing is going some way toward alleviating the agony.
Rereading Chuck Palahniuk's Haunted. It's so good. One story invariably causes audience members to faint at readings, and I entirely understand. It provokes the desire to read but not read, because comprehending WHAT you're reading might make your last meal spontaneously reappear. Not in a good way. Gaiman/Palaniuk. Who else might I like?


Linda McIver said...

Have you tried Kerry Greenwood? She writes the Corrinna Chapman books, and the Phryne Fisher books (among other things).

omchelsea said...

It's ringing a bell....faintly. I may have do some research. Still no Pygmy (Fishpond bastards!)