Friday, July 24, 2009

Wah-hey! Getting my hairt cut today on this beautiful sunny morning, then off to lunch with my mother-in-law (I'm VERY lucky when it comes to my inlaws) then work in the afternoon and down to Morno to support a ballet student in her band's first real gig. Huge.
Massively relieved no ballet tomorrow. Have been homeopathing it up with some Flustop remedy and the cold/cough/sniffly thing seems to be receding- Hooray!

Had great fun teaching yesterday with hands tied behind back (well, that's what it felt like.) Everything takes so LONG! Unbearable. Teachers who teach without their instruments are obviously crap.
Having said that, it's taken me a few years to say "I'm a violinist and Suzuki teacher" and acknowledge my training rather than saying "I teach violin". It' not a pompous thing, it just that I realised I don't teach violin. Well, that's not strictly true, but.... Don't have the wrist power to digress into that today. So, off into the wide sunny world I venture, clutching my postpaks, singing through my unblocked nose, and ready to have my head shaved (Oh I'm not THAT yogic!).


rxBambi said...

Hmmm. Have I mentioned that I'm a concert pianist in training? Ok, I've had about 7 lessons. But I love it and I can totally rock Old MacDonald. And When the Saints Go Marching In. Of course tonight I didn't get to rock anything because when I got home from work and started to practice my 21yo step daughter came out of her room and told me she hated me for waking her up. I know most of this is dramatics about being woken up, but it still pissed me off. So...I guess my first performance will have to wait. Alas, I coulda been a contender...

omchelsea said...

Haha, I love it when it's all *your* fault for waking people up! A little time to practice every day and some performance opportunities.... and lots of self-cheerleading! You'll get there :)