Friday, August 28, 2009


This morning: a music class excursion.
Cast: many under- threes and their parent(s), about thirty five yr 7 & 8 students, myself and my bestie, suzukisinger.
Location: the high school we completed vce at ... eleven years ago.
Plot: littlies attending band performance; a bit of enrichment/excursion.

First words from head of music: "They're a bit...little! Ok, we probably need to rethink this."
Suzukisinger: "Nope, we'll be fine. You just go with what you've planned."

And they really were. There's something delightful about 2yos spontaneously clapping and patting knees in rhythm. Of course all the parents were happy to march in a circle and pretend to be cats, and each instrument was represented by a student giving a little demonstration and solo.

These are the people who change the world. The parents who will take their 18 mth old to a concert and participate joyfully.

The teachers who say "Thank YOU for coming; these kids get such a buzz out of it and it's really good for them."- while recognizing the value of attending performance for such littlies.

The high school kids who will patiently untangle little fingers from instruments and then say "You press this bit and I'll blow and make the sound."

And the children who have this exposure from such an early age, supported and cared for with hope and consideration.

These are the days it's great to be a teacher.


Anonymous said...

Lovely stuff. Perfect for a Friday evening. :)

mysterg said...

If I wasn't so cold-hearted I would probably be saying 'Awww' right now.

Sarah said...

How wonderful!They will remember this always.Isn't joy for life a gorgeous thing?S

omchelsea said...

@Matthew: Thank you! I'm glad it fit the mood :)

@Mysterg: Awww all you want. In cyberspace no-one can hear you coo. It was VERY cute.

@Sarah: The joy was the best bit. That and wholehearted participation.