Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I have an award!

Wow, that's really similar to "I have a stalker" or "I have in inconvenient allergy to the Association I pay lots of money to be part of" Bitter and twisted, I know, I know.
But, thanks to the lovely Matthew over at Resurrected Ramblings, I have an award!
Now, this is an award which comes with a duty... 
The Premium MeMe Award  
requires that you list 7 of the personality traits exhibited by your writing.
1. I'm a little OCD. This should be apparent from my daily posts. Well, more that they are daily, with something approaching religious fervour.
2. I'm a pack rat. I hate letting go of books that I know I will reread if they just take up floor space long enough. Yup, floor space. We ran out of shelves long ago. 
3. I'm AWESOME at procrastinating. Blogging is the procrastinator's best friend. Reading everybody else's blogs, thinking of witty things to say, wondering why I can't write like THAT PERSON OVER THERE, yes YOU... GREAT way to waste invest time. 
4. I think I overthink stuff. Possibly that's a certain indication that I do. I like to think about ALL the options before  going back to the first one and saying "Aha! Of course!" (Otherwise I stay awake at nights thinking of all the things I might have done/said/made/bought/eaten instead. Actually, nothing can keep me awake.)
5. Did I mention I'm a little passionate? This has good sides (I love it, I REALLY LOVE it) and bad (OMG, shoot me now, this is oh so terrible I'm going to DIE). 
6. Impulsive. Yep, I know this doesn't typically go with being an overthinker, but hey. A few years ago a friend and I decided to set up a business. We had a registered business name and website by four o'clock that afternoon and started our classes about four weeks later. 
7. Ummmmm..... has to be a personality trait... exhibited by my writing... maybe a little manic? Some of my days everything has to be done a million miles an hour; other days I'm happy to sit with a cup of coffee and let time float by. And I think that is reflected in my writing; maniacally detailed minutes vs. the broad sweep of a day in a sentence. 
And we're done.  
Well, I'm done. 
And I welcome contributions and corrections. 
(Correct know you want to!)
Who gets it next? Hands up!


mysterg said...

Definitely an overthinker. But speaking as one myself, that's not always a bad thing. Congrats!

ladytruth said...

I love these awards because now it feels like I know you even better :) I can absolutely relate to all your traits with one exception: you actually still manage to juggle it all where I just cover my head under the blankets at the beginning of every day saying: "It's not time to get up yet" over and over again. It never works though ;)

histreasure said...

i love that i just got to know u beta...u are such a mix of charateristics it's interesting..
thanks for the prayers and good wishes..she's getting beta..