Sunday, May 30, 2010

Please look in the mirror before you leave the house.

Wow. That black keyhole-backed dress is fantastic. Tight, short, great opaques, nice boots, very attractive beige bra hanging out the back - HOLY CRAP WOMAN, DID NO-ONE TELL YOU THAT'S UNDERWEAR?

We're in the bar, birthday celebrations (not mine) well underway, when she strolls in with boy and promptly turns her back on me to embrace someone. If the bra was black and lacy, ok. Maybe. But it's a dingy beige that once pretended to be SOMEONE's skin color. Functional rather than attractive (the two have been known to meet in one garment, but not this one).

And the beauty of  this keyhole dress, showcasing several vertebrae, is that it draws the observer's focus - BANG! - right onto the hooks-and-eyes mechanism that allows a bra to carry out it's function (usually lift and separate).

One glass of red drained and another on the go, my fingers are actually, perceptibly ITCHING to unsnap her bra. If I had suddenly found myself possessed of that boyish skill (unhooking with a it's practically single hand) I can't swear I would have abstained.

What would I have done in her position? Honestly, probably gone without. Or found something pretty and show-offy that screamed DER, of COURSE you're meant to see this, why else would I have worn a ruby-red lacy bra... or whatever.

Sigh. I do so dislike stupid people.


margg. said...

ah yes.
i know this well.

it concerns me that people don't realise how stupid they look.

f8hasit said...

As a window dresser trained to see small details, this s one of my biggest pet peeves. I can't tell you how many times I've seen people with seemingly small mistakes that ruin the whole picture. I do beleive most people need to invest in good mirrors at home.

And ones they can see the rear view in.

Kez* said...

hahaha funny i saw a girl with a once white bra sticking out the front today. i wanted to lend her my scarf but i like my scarf see :)