Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Whinge moan whinghity whinge.

It's taken me a couple of weeks to timetable all my students into some kind of order and I'm actually not sure that I'm there yet.

This is a little frustrating.

If one more person tells me "Oh, we can ONLY come at 4.15 on Mondays," (this is an EXAMPLE, not an actual quote, day and time have been substituted for your amusement) I'm going to tell them to ring all the other Suzuki violin teachers on the peninsula and run that line by them.

And then I will laugh, because there ARE no other Suzuki violin teachers for a thirty-kilometre radius (at least) and any of the Suzuki teachers in MELBOURNE will hang up on you unless your child is two and you've been listening for two years. Practically.

And sure, you could TOTALLY ring a random strings teacher anywhere else in our corner of the world, and... good luck with that. I get calls from parents trying to get AWAY from those teachers. Seriously.

I'm whinging. At least I'm embracing it.

In other news, we went dancing on Saturday night. Great fun. About ten minutes in, some random woman approaches and asks to take my photo, because she's an artist who paints rock'n'roll - hot rods in the background, hot girls in the foreground. I hope the person who came up with that line is heartily ashamed. So she'd like to paint me. I'm not sure how I feel about this, but it was fun at the time. I'm certainly relieved she took her photos BEFORE we got all hot and sweaty dancing.

I know I've said it before, but if I ever think about participating in line dancing, shoot me. Don't wait till I get the boots, the flashy earrings, the four-inch-wide elastabelt with rhinestone buckle and a  blond rat-tail wig, just shoot me.

I'm going back to my scribbled-on-A3 with time annotations and cryptic notes masquerading as a timetable now. And then I'm going to build my wardrobe organiser from Bunnings. Yeah. Feel the excitement.

Actually, first I'm going to google the woman who took my photo. Just in case.


Herding Cats said...

Hahaha hope your photo ends up in a safe place!

suzukisinger said...

I have some ideas.
Perhaps the Family of Monday@4.15 need a quick slap on the back of the head with a copy of nurtured by love. Then, invite the family to come and observe the lesson currently held at Monday4.15 for a term while they sit on the waiting list for a more appropriate lesson time of their own. If a time doesn't become available then open the door and belt them over the head again as they leave your studio.

Seriously...SERIOUSLY. Do they come do group lessons, or only if they're held at Monday at 4.15??

I think this may well be an energy level you can do without in your studio.....

jonathan said...

was that me that asked for the 4.15pm?