Thursday, December 24, 2009

Today I am melting.

Really. It's one in the morning and I am so hot it's absurd.

This may or may not be my own fault for fashioning sugary christmas goodies (SURPRISE!) until very recently; eleven pm is a GREAT time to start making miniature christmas puddings, complete with baptism in dark chocolate then icing with white and the careful placement of a glace cherry on top (hubs).

And when you finish said puddings, let's make hedgehog! Because surely it will all be fine if I go to bed an hour later every night and get up an hour later every morning; at this rate I will barely be cognisant for Christmas lunch. If you know my family, that's probably a good thing.

Tomorrow: apricot delight (oh yes, condensed milk and dried apricots do a thing of beauty make) and coconut ice. Because that is how I roll. No cooking unless it's assemble and refrigerate. Actually, that's so not true, but I've consumed a LOT of cooking chocolate (accidentally, I suddenly regained consciousness with a wooden spoon in my mouth) and am feeling a little manic. Little? Hmmm. Gargantuan tiny bit.

Would coconut ice be offputting if I dyed it.... blue and green instead of boring pink and white?

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Matthew said...

Someone else I read is making exactly the same kind of dessert.

You should go to bed and, if you ask nicely, I'll give you their link - the you can beg them to sell you some and get on with enjoying your day!!