Saturday, December 26, 2009

Box me up day.

So this guy really has Christmas' number. Yesterday was a good day, as far as days go.
But today I woke up and couldn't get up. Again. This isn't a new phenomenon; it's been a recurrent theme of my holidays thus far. I seem to have contracted a virulent form of inertia.

During term-time I fill my head with reasons the next day has to happen; lessons, errands, people, stuff. On holidays nothing seems to have the same urgency.

I've been told I need to 'upgrade' my violin. This, being a task which could consume finite amounts of time, money and emotional energy (hey, I'm attached to that thing. I've played it most days for the last... fourteen years) is simply too much for me to contemplate.

Can't do it. It's going to require communication with my accountant (who is LOVELY, but whom I prefer to avoid like the plague), some kind of refinancing or redraw on our mortgage, which then makes our mortgage BIGGER... and really, truly and not-quite-ready-to-deal-with-this-yet, I can't justify keeping my violin as well.

Which is a little devastating.

Oh, and then I have to FIND a violin I'm happy with. Which makes me recoil violently, imagining all kinds of uncertainty about is this one better? Significantly better? However many thousands of dollars better? Really? AM I SURE???

Luckily I have my darling husband to divert me from my existential angst with riveting enquiries such as this one: "At what age do you think I should stop carrying Lappy on my hip?"
Dude. It'a a laptop. I know you love it like your firstborn child, but if Apple haven't come up with a way to make it follow you from room to room on delicate silver legs YET, it's probably never going to happen.  Think of it as your wonderfully intelligent child with tragically withered and useless legs.

And never mention baking trays again. Thank you.


otin said...

I have not had much ambition lately! I could lay in bed all day, lol!

iasa said...

i'm in the same situation, just not motivated to do anything.

Is your husband talking about his age or the laptop's :)

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I have had to get back in the swing of things - Christmas Day fell on the weeken here so I was able to have that day off but Saturday was back to normal...with a huge hangover that is still lingering!

Banu said...

me, too, feeling unambitious over the holidays. boo...i love the way you write, and I'm so happy to be your newest follower! Banu

omchelsea said...

otin: I love my bed. Dearly.

iasa: oh, he meant the lappy. He's a weird one. (hubs, not lappy)

ED: ye gods. You poor thing. There really is no solution to that except declaring every day Christmas and getting very, very drunk.

Banu: WELCOME!!!!