Friday, August 14, 2009

Random luckiness

I should mention that I was fortunate enough to have a Suzuki philosophy teacher in my life. My mother took me to weekly lessons (and much, much more) from the age of about 4.

My teacher was a kinder teacher in a previous life. She is a thinker, a researcher, a very devoted grandparent and I just spent an hour on the phone to her. Actually, an hour and a half. It's 22 years since my first lesson with her and it's not a relationship that will ever end.

We parted ways as 'official' teacher and student back in 1993, but she has rejoiced in every exam result, supported and encouraged my own teaching journey, attended my fledgling concerts and applauded at my wedding. She's given me books and recordings and countless hours of her time and experience and thoughtfulness. And tonight she wanted to hear all about my pilgrimage to Matsumoto.

I'm so very grateful. I know she was a great influence on my mother (and since I was homeschooled, support was not always easily come by for her choices) and they still talk frequently. I think this is the difference I'm talking about - philosophy vs. method.

At one point she said she'd spoken to a woman recently and the topic turned to their mothers.
Woman: "My mother had such good health. She lived to 98 and she was a really well woman. But she never really did anything with her life."
My teacher's response was to suggest that this woman was really doing everything she could with her life because you get to a point where you look back and want to see what you did. And because she felt her mother did so little she was making MORE of an effort to live well.

Which got me thinking... people either do BECAUSE OF or IN SPITE OF. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense on this level, I know, but it's a little like being proactive/reactive to circumstances.
I think that's personality developed by very early influences like parents. They encourage or disparage, and do so in such a way that we want to please them or displease them.... and these things inform character from a very young age.

And that's why we have to teach the child, not the lesson, and keep listening.
All the time.
And be grateful for the awesome teachers we find.


Sarah said...

Hello. Thank you for coming over to my blog and leaving your kind comment - it means a lot to me.I came over to visit you out of curiosity and I am so glad I did. What a lovely blog! Its a long time since I have found such an original and "pure" place.You write with humour and clarity and I love it!I shall return. Sarah

omchelsea said...

Gah! Sarah, THANK YOU for coming by and thank you even more for leaving a comment! I'm a bit new at blogging but it seems to help me organise my own thoughts to rant a little every day! And your drawings are BEAUTIFUL. What I wouldn't give to be able to draw like goodness.

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