Saturday, August 15, 2009

ANd then the wheels fell off...

I think I've inadvertently poisoned myself by consuming too much wheat today. You know those days where you just feel BLEAUGH and then realise the state of BLEAUGHness has actually been accumulating over the past week or so? Flight anxiety, diet change, nowhere near enough this weekend is very boring and recuperative.

Also, spent about 4 hours on the phone yesterday morning pep-talking parents into calling a teacher NOT me (I'm full, sorree!) and doing Suzuki-counselling. I'm allergic to the phone. Would much rather text/email/meet up in person. Maybe that's the REAL source of my malaise.

And... My darling husband finally succumbed to the delightful bronchial plague I've been carrying about for the last month and so the two of us are holed up watching West Wing. The pug couldn't be happier with all the quality lap time. Had many more coherent and sensible thoughts while driving home from ballet but alas they have succumbed to brainfog...perhaps in the light of a Sunday breakfast they will resurface.


Laila Of Course! said...

Hehe, interesting post. And you two had better get well soon!! :)
Thanks for leaving a note-- and be back soon and follow!


Matthew said...

I never watched The West Wing enough to get into it. Maybe next time the plague hits town I'll follow your example and rent a few seasons.

Thanks for stopping by my page and commenting. Much appreciated. :)

AD said...

Those types of days really do suck.

I hope you feel back to your normal self though soon. :]

Oh, and thanks for following The Water Bottle!

omchelsea said...

Thank you all for your comments! It's very exciting to login and post and then see COMMENTS! Wow! Or maybe I just finally got enough sleep to muster enthusiasm for nice things happening again. Either way, thank you for stopping by and reading and hope to see you again :)

Linda McIver said...

West Wing rules. :-) Come for dinner again soon, and we will lend you some Due South for when you finish the west wing. I think you will like it! What season are you up to?