Friday, July 10, 2009

Thoughts of a pug

LUCY: "Ooh, look, six little boxes of business cards.... my mommy would LOVE me to spread them all out for her so she can see them properly!
Now, I'll carefully empty each box onto the floor, and gambol joyfully through the resulting stack so they're ALL spread out nicely.
Then I'll sneak the little boxes outside so I can rip them into a million tiny pieces and DESTROY the evil boxes who for so long have been the oppressors of the beautiful pictures.
Oh, the beautiful pictures. I'd really better go back inside and spread them out better so I meet them ALL. Oh dear. Here comes Mommy. She doesn't look very happy. She has a towel on her head and she's waving her arms about and shouting!
Think I'll just have a little siesta in the sun and stay outside for a while."

ME: I'm going to kill you! (I know, not terribly inventive, but I'd just walked in ona clearly delighted pug spreading about a thousand little cards on the lovely SIX designs, so a little bit of tidying away effort required there.) Sigh.

Yep, AWESOME....except that the six little boxes were all different TYPES of cards and so I had 1500 little cards to pick up and sort.....while pug happily ripped little boxes to shreds...which then needed picking up because she'd sneakily snuck them all out to her kennel.....ARGH!

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