Thursday, July 9, 2009

And very quickly....a friend posted this meme on his blog at
Reply to this meme by yelling "Words!" and I will give you five words that remind me of you. Then post them in your LJ and explain what they mean to you.

Being a sucker for punishment, I yelled "Words!" and was rewarded with the following:



Terry Pratchett


Accelerated Learning

Oh man....

Now, I have pointed out that this is technically seven words, but what the hey, I'm a rebel.
This guy is an old, old, OLD ex and has heard me carrying on about MANY ballet concerts. I probably wouldn't have it any other way. My mother's a ballet teacher, I was homeschooled; many of my friends were met through ballet and now I teach too. It's good. It's good discipline, it gives the kids skills, it's challenging and dancing (not JUST ballet) is a huge part of my life.

Oh, the happy carefree Sundays of sitting about at Toby's house in Frankston, doing The Age Sunday crossword and batting balloons about laughing hysterically. We had a LOT of sweet Sundays. Billions. It was actually one of those collections of days that seem idyllic in retrospect; mostly broke, doing bits and pieces in a random and motley fashion, flirting in a random and motley get the drift....happy days! :) Yep, good times.

Terry Pratchett is one of my favorite authors. And we would get HUGE mileage out of Pratchett quotes on these aforementioned Sundays. Between my husband and I we mostly have two copies of his books. And we couldn't agree on whose set to give away so we've kept all the duplicates (groan).

Violin...Did I mention this guy knows me pretty well? It's a big thing. I've played since I was four. I've taken it EVERYWHERE with me since. I can't remember a holiday where it stayed home. I've busked in heaps of places and met heaps of people doing it, I've done a million concerts, played at Poppy's funeral, taught kids who are uni now, become a qualified teacher, played kirtan at the ashram and in orchestras....I'd have a very different life if my mother hadn't started me in lessons.

Accelerated Learning.... Ah, my favorite drone-worthy topic. I can go for hours. HOURS. I met Crazy Elf when I was doing Yr 11...age Tafe...because I'd left a private girls' school in Year 9 aged 12 and on a full-fee academic scholarship. I finished Yr 12 at Frankston High and took a gap year before starting my degree at Melbourne Uni just after my 17th birthday. It's meant having a lot of choices, a lot of freedom, starting down the great road of home ownership early... and yes, I plan to homeschool my future children. Contentious? You betcha. Do I advocate? Yes. Am I done now and shall I go to bed? Definitely!


Michael & Linda said...

well i would have got all, bar the book, as well. Its called Structure- and you are. MJB

omchelsea said...

Does that mean I should address what Structure means to me? hmmm...
a framework. Wont work unless it's flexible, frequently torn down and rebuilt from the ground up, and generally resembles Meccano (or LEGO!) Important but not vital; on days like these it's much nicer to be eating vanilla semolina for breakfast at nearly eleven in the morning.